Fret no more!

Been banging your head against the nearest wall because you can’t live up to the high standards of all those TV chefs?

Despairing of ever finding the can opener, let alone whipping up gourmet meals for 12 at a moment’s notice?

Well, I have one words for you: Relax.

That’s right… relax.

And forget about competing with the Food Network stars. Not all of us can be top gourmands. (Some of us don’t even want to be.) But that doesn’t mean we have to starve, right?

So, stop buying all of those overpriced gourmet and homemaker mags. All you need to know will be revealed right here, for free. I’ll be providing some tried and true tips as well and (very) quick dinner ideas. You can also save tons of money by reading my commentary on food trends and gadgets best avoided.

Oh, and of course – there will the odd recipe (and some of them will be very, very odd indeed – but suspend your disbelief). Most of my recipes take less than half an hour (and that includes the time spent finding the can opener).

And don’t stress. You simply can’t do it like the top chefs do. That’s why they’re on TV and you’re paying the cable company to watch them.

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